The Makings of a Perfect Weekend 

Despite not having a job at the moment, I still treasure the weekends.  My husband his home and we get to spend time with family.  To me a perfect weekend is equal parts productive and lazy.

Saturdays are busy days.  This past Saturday for example started with brunch at Calacas  Cafe, a stroll down calle cuatro, Mainplace Mall for the BabywearingOC gathering, home for a pit stop, Newport for a Chocolate Milke pop-up shop, Starbucks to catch up with a friend and finally my in-laws to catch my breath (and change my clothes because I squatted to pick something up off the ground in a jumper and it ripped…. my butt was hanging out!).  After dinner with my in-laws we called it an early night, even skipping dessert.  Whew.

Sundays, in particular, I love being lazy-productive.  I get a lot of things done like organizing/re-styling shelves (this happens often), laundry (dreaded chore), plan my week, read, go on a walk with Olive and grocery shop; but in between every chore is a solid rest.   Lay on the couch with Olive and skim Instagram, eat something because it’s been 5 hours since I’ve eaten, drink water  because lately I’ve been forgetting or sit on the swing in our back patio are all ways I rest between chores.  Living with my parents comes in handy because they frequently take Olive and there’s always a delicious cooked meal just a “do you want me to make you a plate” away.  Why my mom thinks I won’t take a plate and has to ask, is beyond me.  The answer is always yes. YES, please, thank you.

Of course weekends don’t always look like this, but this past weekend was pretty perfect. When my weekends are SUPER busy and I don’t get a productive/lazy day I typically have Monday to catch up.  But if for some reason I don’t get that day to do allllll of the things and allll of the lazy (stay in my muumuu all day whilst doing chores) then I’m pretty grumpy.

Today I’m a happy Karissa.

Scroll through to see more photos from this weekend.  

My nightstand is never this tidy.  But I was taking photos, so this blogging thing might mean I always have a clean room, NOT. 

I shiboried these bed sheets during the week and was so happy with their final look.  I didn’t think I just rubber banded them and dunked them in dye for 10 minutes. 

Tree pose for #yogisplanttrees

If you’re at all interested in trying baby carriers before buying one (they can come with $200 price tags)- join OCBabywearers or SOCalBabywearers.  They’re Facebook Groups that have meet ups for moms and dads that like to baby wear.  There are educators there and they typically have a load of carriers they own and will let you try.  

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