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A Whole New Oil World

My experience with essential oils started at TJ Maxx.  I know, I know, you’re cringing.  But I found the Tisserand head clear and calming roller bottles and thought I’d give them a try.  I didn’t use them often, I just wouldn’t think of them first.

Photo from the second class Beth taught.
My first attempt to join the world of doTERRA was actually last year.  I picked up someone’s business card at Craftcation and she was a Wellness Advocate.  Little did I know that a year later…. I’d be a Wellness Advocate.  I actually never met up with this person.  We tried and it didn’t work out.  Fast forward to this year.  But first, let me to back track… Do you ever feel like you know someone because you “go waaaaay back”, as in, you’ve been following them on Instagram forever and you know their lives?  This happened a little like that.  I follow a bunch of Long Beach small shops and places I’d like to go, I never made it to her shop Salvage Life before it’s closing (sad face) but I saw Beth’s post about hosting an oils class.  I had been so intrigued but didn’t know where to begin or who to ask.  So I contacted her, we set a date and I hosted a class.   I was in.  Just hearing what Beth  had to say about oils and knowing that plants are powerful, I knew I wanted to share with everyone.  It was so easy to become so invested in being a Wellness Advocate while knowing that Beth and her team will help me and guide me, my oil gurus, so to speak.   This all happened in the last few days of February.  Beth taught a second class for me in April and now here we are in May and I am preparing to teach my own class in two weeks.

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Lesson 1 in our #sloilbasics series. What are EO's? ******** Essential oils are volatile aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, roots, flowers and other parts of plants. A given plant may have several chemical compounds and therefore each oil can be used for a variety of purposes. ******** Most plants are steam distilled in order to extract the oil, however citrus oils are expressed (using mechanical pressure) from the rinds of the fruit and therefore are less expensive since it only takes 45 lemon rinds to make a bottle of lemon essential oil while it takes 30,000 roses to make the same size bottle of rose oil. Prices of oils are determined in large part by the amount of plant material required to obtain the oil. ******** Essential oils have been used for 1000’s of years, Egyptian grave robbers used to steal essential oils and leave the gold, Hippocrates who is considered the Father of modern medicine, used Oregano oil in his practice. Essential oils are really having a come back right now and they are being studied more than ever! They are even being used in many hospitals. The pediatric office I take my kids to uses essential oils and I have several nurses on my Doterra team that sell and/or use essential oils. ******** I hope this was helpful! Tomorrow I'll be covering Why and How essential oils work with our bodies. #essentialoils #doterra #salvagelifeoils

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I got started with a Family Essentials kit.  It has the top 10 oils in 5mL bottles.  It’s definitely a great starter kit but I wish I would have started with the Home Essentials kit. It comes with the same 10 oils but the bottles are larger (15mL vs. 5mL).  Yes, it’s more expensive, but the much better deal in the long run.

Photo: A friend was experiencing sever seasonal allergies so I took some over for them to try.
I knew I wanted to learn more and share.  Upon ordering my doTERRA Family Essentials kit, I additionally ordered The Essential Life book, 1/4 dram oil bottles to give friends and family samples, and roller bottles to make my own blends.  I also ordered a few additional oils very soon after getting my kit: Clary Sage, Clarycalm and Balance.   More on those oils below.

I use essential oils in some way, every day.  I only wish I had started with them sooner because I know they could have really helped during my pregnancy and in the first 3 months of Olive’s life (colic).  But I truly believe everything comes at the right time that you are ready for them.  Had joined doTERRA last year,  I would not have met Beth and the rest of the team + support, which is SO important when using oils.

I’ll save the details of an intro to oils for the class I’m teaching (you’re invited if you’re local to Orange County!).  But I wanted to share the oils  that I’ve shared most and how sharing has been so wonderful.   I started sharing on Instagram that I started with oils and love them.  I got such great feedback and a lot of intrigued friends messaged me and were completely honest and open in telling me they struggle with anxiety or depression or stress or insomnia and desperately want help.  I researched and learned what oils were best and made sample roller bottles for them.   Every single person I’ve helped has only had positive results and it makes me so happy to see that they are having such great results as I am.

First, *disclaimer*: These statements have not been approved by the FDA.  I am no medical professional, just a Wellness Advocate.  I can not treat or diagnose you.  I am not replacing a medical professional.  All of these statements are for informational use only.   

Suddenly I was my family’s physician, and I use that word lightly.  Essential oils and what little experience I have with them does not replace the many years it takes to become an actual physician.  But suddenly I found myself reaching for oils rather than what is actually in my medicine cabinet.

My brother for example, woke up with a cold and at the first sound of sniffles I asked him if he was interested in trying oils and taking them internally.  He was totally up to it and I made him a “flu bomb”.  By the end of the day all symptoms of his cold were gone and he didn’t  get worse, he got better. 

Below are the oils I’ve shared the most with friends and family and why.  I hope you find this informational and if you’re interested in learning more with me, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Clarycalm: This oil is the “monthly” blend for women.  My body and hormones have all been in adjustment during this postpartum period and I’m still nursing.  I got this blend to use for my own hormone balance and calmness.  This blend is great for PMS and cramping, so I shared with friends that experience bad menstrual weeks.

Balance is my FAVORITE oil so far.  It’s a grounding blend and let me tell you, I frequently require grounding.   This oil works wonders on anxiety and has really helped me with my baby blues and daily sanity.   I have given this oil with so many friends and made soooooo many roller bottles.  I used up a 15mL bottle in about a month and shared with over a dozen people!

Breathe was the first (5mL) bottle I finished completely.  Which got me thinking, how such a basic instinct as breathing can be so difficult.  Interestingly enough, I shared this blend mostly with friends that have children.  It works wonders on kids with asthma or colds and even allergies to clear the airways. Think of this oil as the vapor rub of oils.

Clary Sage is long known to help in balancing hormones. It is great for menstruation and can be found in the Clarycalm roller.  I shared it with women experiencing menopause and I used it for myself for my hormone balance.  

My sanity blend is my daily go to.  I get flustered with Olive, when somedays her naps are only 30 minutes long and I feel like I get no baby free time or when it feels like I can’t get a handle on things.  I roll on the palms of my hand, rub my hands together and inhale deeply from my hands.  I inhale a few times and pause for a minute, eyes closed, and find my inner zen.  For real, I do that, then I carry on.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about when it comes to oils, start here.   If you’re thinking, “hey, I want to learn more” or “hey, I’m ready to start with a kit but I have a few questions” or “hey, I want to order one oil or maybe a couple, but not a kit, what do I do” those are fantastic  questions.  Whatever you do, don’t go to Amazon and order essential oils (because there is no way of knowing they are indeed 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils) and don’t order doTERRA oils for retail prices when you can get them at wholesale prices with my help!

First, if you’re local to Orange County, come to my super fun make-and-take class!  Otherwise, we can meet IRL and talk oils or you can always email me.  You decide!

What intrigues you most about essential oils?


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