Olive’s Panaderia Cumpleaños 


Let me start by saying, your girl loves a themed party.   In my teens I picked a theme for all my birthdays and planned the details myself!  Adulthood came and the arrival of themed dinner parties, crafternoons, you name it, I was planning it for my network of friends.  A few weeks after Olive’s birth, I knew I wanted the theme to be pan dulce related.  In the final month of pregnancy, I ate so many conchas, I would be embarrassed  proud to give you the number (had I kept count).  I also ate a too many tacos de papa, I know, super great pregnancy diet.  My very dear friend sent me a gift that came package in a very cute pink donut box, a concha and empanada pillow.   The gift actually came with no note of the sender, so I had no idea it was her until I posted it on Instagram asking for the gift giver to come forward.  OF COURSE, my friend T had sent them, it was the cutest surprise and perfect for Olive’s tummy time.  The theme was a no-brainer at that point and I decided the theme would be Olive’s Panaderia, not simply pan dulce, or concha themed.

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 5.49.32 PM.png
Logo designed by Sam Viloria.

Before the actual party, came the birthday photos.   I knew I wanted to photograph Olive in a real panaderia, so I called my favorite one in Santa Ana— Tlaxcala Bakery.  I grew up going there when I visited my pop-op and it always had the freshest, warmest, softest conchas.  With their permission, we captured the cutest photos.    I took some props, but all in all, the bakery didn’t require anything more!  I did make her a mandil (apron) so she looked like a proper little pandera (baker).

Thanks to  Calacas Photography for going along with my crazy idea and to the bakery for their permission.

Mental planning started a few months before the party but actually getting down to business I really only got to it the week of.   If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve had so many projects.   Early September was my 10 year high school reunion (that I planned), a few days later I left to Salt Lake City for the doTERRA convention.  I returned from the trip energized to spread the doTERRA love, so I set out to make an ebook on essential oil usage for babies and teach an accompanying webinar. Whew, I’m mentally drained just thinking about all of that.  Onward…


Planning and Venue

The week of the party, I got to sewing dozens of plush pan dulce and packing all party supplies in tubs for easy transport.  We took use of the cabin at one of the local parks, Fisher Park in the Floral Park neighborhood in Santa Ana.  It’s the same cabin where my baby shower was hosted! (Aww)  I love the cabin and it’s so easy to reserve, click here to learn more if you’re ever looking for a venue.  It’s perfect because the kids can run to their heart’s content around the 2 playgrounds and you still have an indoor space for food and seating.


Months before the party I asked John to build what I envisioned to be a kid sized display for Olive’s panaderia, which is what you see in the photos.   It’s solid wood and so heavy, but was so perfect for the party!  I kept the decor simple because we had to bring everything to the cabin that morning and also because of time and energy, haha.  A balloon artist to made the “organic arch” in the colors of the logo .   I wanted an area where the babies could sit and crawl around because after all the party is for them!  I used an outdoor mat/rug and put the pan dulce pillows all around.  The older kids could run around the playground, so I wasn’t worried about them.   I sewed up headbands for each of the kids and made pan dulce wands with fun clip art.  Olive got a pan dulce crown that looked so cute on her.  Her pan dulce costume was a last minute, if-I-have-time project, and I had the time to sew it up.   I tend to get really good ideas when there is no time left, one of those ideas was to print pretend menus to have on the tables. One photo not captured was of the table decor.  But it was super simple, a couple of frames with photos of Olive, and in the center a tray of pan dulce and tongs and there were menus scattered throughout.

Instead of regular favor bags, each of the kids took home a pink box with treats, pan dulce, and cupcakes.   My dad printed the stickers at his job with the logo and they were perfect for “branding” the pink boxes.

Food and Drink

The food was all made by my sister in law.  We were going for a brunch theme with the food so she made chilaquiles, chili verde, huevos con chorizo, rice and beans.   There was also a huge tray of fresh fruit and a waffle station.  For refreshments there was fresh cafe de olla, horchata and cucumber limeade.

It really was a perfect way to celebrate our little girl and all of her baby friends had the best time.  Below I listed where I got everything with links.  If I forgot something feel free to comment and I’ll update my list!

Cupcakes: Viva Los Cupcakes 

Olive’s dress, huaraches and my blouse: La Amiga Fabrics

My earrings though difficult to see are dangling, pink conchas and I got them from Ahliyah Crafts.

Banners & Stickers: sponsored by my dad (he works for a company that does printing)

Balloon Arch: Liz Balloon Decorations (found her via Party Mamas OC Facebook group)

Pan Dulce: Tlaxcala Bakery

Olive’s Smash Cake: Find recipe I used here

Menu template: You can find here for free and I embellished it with clip art from Crystal Domi.

Favor boxes: large pink boxes and a few other supplies purchased at BakersBodega (they didn’t carry small enough boxes); small favor boxes purchased on Amazon

Scroll through the photos to see all of the little details.  There were a handful of things I wanted to do that time did not allow for, but I remind myself when planning events, that outside of myself no one knows what I didn’t get to.   I was so happy with how everything turned out.  The photos in this post are a mix of photos from photographer Edith Jimenez and photos taken on my phone or camera, I attributed them in the caption.


Edith Jimenez
Edith Jimenez
Edith Jimenez
Karissa Raya
Enter a caption
Karissa Raya
Edith Jimenez
Edith Jimenez
Edith Jimenez
Edith Jimenez
Karissa Raya- iPhone
Edith Jimenez
Edith Jimenez
Karissa Raya
On the tray to the right are the headbands I made for the kids. Karissa Raya
These kiddos were packing their boxes before leaving. Karissa Raya- iPhone
Karissa Raya- iPhone
I cut the top of 2 mini Viva los Cupcakes and used them to decorate her smash cake.
Supervising her dad. Edith Jimenez



Quality control of her pan dulce. Edith Jimenez
Quality control. Edith Jimenez
Viva los Cupcakes for the win!  I ordered a few dozen minis and regular size cafe de olla, concha, and tamale con mole.
Dress up with abuela mandiles. Karissa Raya- iPhone
We practiced singing happy birthday in the weeks leading up to her party.  Edith Jimenez


I made this “better for baby” cake for Olive. Karissa Raya- iPhone


Photo taken on my camera
I didn’t quite find the piñata I was looking for, so I got this one that had Belle plates on it and put some clip art on a white plate.  I know Olive can’t really hit a piñata and she definitely can’t eat the candy, but I still really wanted to have one because there are photos of me at my first birthday with my piñata.
Photo taken on my camera
Karissa Raya
Our best attempt at getting a group photo of the kiddos!  Edith Jimenez


What do you think?!  I would love to know what your favorite part of Olive’s fiesta is– share in the comments!


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    1. Hi! Thanks for reading! The photos that I took and have my name in the caption (I had a photographer friend take photos too) were taken with an Olympus OM-D E-M10. It’s honestly the best for better than snap and shoot but not a large DSLR. It has a removable lens and so many great features. 🙂

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