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Just Say No to Synthetic Fragrances


The “new second hand smoke” is all around you right now.  Scary thought, right?   Look at your bottle of lotion for the list of ingredients and notice the word “fragrance” listed?   You’d be surprised to know that that word alone can be up to thousands of chemical properties that the FDA has allowed companies to list as simply fragrance.  

I have to admit that my old self used to LOVE plugging in fresh air fresheners around the house.  All my life, using my cucumber melon lotion (oh so early 2000s), getting seasonal with autumn scented candles and spritzing myself with my favorite perfume I had no idea the potential side effects of wanting to smell good.

From air fresheners, scented candles, perfumes, and lotions, what’s the danger?  The artificial fragrance and harmful chemicals in those products can exacerbate asthma, cause skin irritations or disrupt hormone production.  This is oversimplified.  Think of people that are particularly susceptible to disruptors.  In pregnant woman where hormone levels are especially important or teenage kids dousing themselves in aerosol deodorants the negative affects can be drastic and more detrimental to their health.

While this topic might be on your radar already, my objective is to give you some tools to clean up your medicine cabinet and home life of these toxins.  I am in no way a perfect example of green, clean, living but I am on a journey to live more sustainably and eco-conscious.  Always do your own research, a simple google search may do the trick, but be mindful of the source!   Below you’ll find some ways I rid my home of synthetic fragrances

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A peek into my medicine cabinet.


I carry my own hand soap when I know I might be somewhere without soap (beach, parks).  Find both recipes in the PDF at the end of the post.

My search for natural alternatives began a few years ago and it was probably some headline that sparked my intrigue. Once you learn more about the harmful chemicals in everyday products or what companies continue to produce and sell you truly become a conscious consumer, this has at least been my experience.   We, as the consumers may not realize how much power we have.   Just look at all the articles with headlines like “Millennials are killing the _________ industry”.

These labels from Share Oils are perfect for labeling and won’t tarnish from oil or water,

It can be overwhelming to think you need to start fresh and be afraid to use the items in your medicine cabinet.  But don’t overburden yourself to make your natural transition over night.  I stopped using perfume and conventional deodorant immediately when I began this journey but everything else I started replacing as it ran out of it.  For about a year I was ok with buying products I thought were natural, until I learned that even those “natural” or “green” products may not be any better because those terms are not regulated for labeling purposes.  I am definitely  smarter now and have learned to research ingredients if I’m not sure and seek out small shops that do make green health and beauty products.  There is also a very handy app, Think Dirty app that with just a simple scan of the barcode, lists the ingredients and tells you on a scale of 0-10 how “dirty” the product is.   It is a valuable tool to have!  Not only will it tell you the level of dirty, but it has recommendations for similar, cleaner product!

Just a few drops of the cleansing blend and water.  After a couple shakes and I spritz a room or space that needs it.

I have been using essential oils most of this year and they have drastically improved my natural tool kit.   I’ve made many health remedies and diy beauty products.

There are countless ways to use essential oils as air fresheners to rid your home completely of plug-ins, aerosols and scented candles: reed diffusers, glass spray bottle for an air mist, a few drops of oil on a cotton ball work great too!  The easiest way is to use a diffuser.  I am wiser than I was even just a year ago, and instead almost every room in the house has a diffuser.  Not only will your space smell amazing with natural scents, but there are therapeutic benefits too.

I said earlier that I ditched perfume all together.  Most days I don’t wear deodorant or perfume, seriously.  But I do wear various oils for their therapeutic benefits which smell amazing.   My go-to blend is what I call my “sanity” blend.  Day to day life with a toddler leaves me using this roller more times than I can count throughout the day and the clary sage, bergamot and grounding blend smell amazing together and help my emotional state.   But I recently did make a perfume for myself!  To make one yourself you need to do is refer to a list of essentials oils divided into base, middle and top notes, like this one.  A few months ago I actually attempted to wear a perfume and my allergies flared up I was wheezing all day.  It was a clear reminder that perfume is no bueno and terrible for allergies.

Side note: I’m the sneezer in the room that doesn’t sneeze once or twice, but like 8 times.  I think my record was 15 times in a row, I remember it being exhausting.  Since ditching the synthetic air fresheners in my home I don’t sneeze that way any more and my allergies have drastically improved.  This year I only had 1 day of horrible seasonal allergies and I stopped taking a daily allergy pill (instead using dōTERRA’s seasonal blend when needed).   If you have seasonal allergies or even frequent headaches, the solution might be to clear out your space of air fresheners that can be triggers to your health.

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 9.06.19 AMNot everyone wants to make all of their own beauty products, but for those of you that do, quality essential oils must be in your recipes!  If you aren’t the DIY maven, there are small shops that do the work for you, like Bare Bones Body.

I also suggest following vlogger Alli Cherry.  She talks a lot about living green, minimally and sustainably— all  the while always reminding her viewers to not be overwhelmed by their own journey and appreciate the lifestyle as it begins to fit into their life.

So where do you start? Start by downloading this handy sheet of simple recipes and tips to start your own journey of ditching synthetic fragrances all together!

If you have any questions or an eco-brand to suggest, please comment below!

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