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DSC_40488.jpgAs a nation, we celebrated being thankful last week.  While all our woke friends posted about Thanksgiving being a trash holiday, (the way most of America celebrates it) Thanksgiving did exist in some form pre-pilgrims in 1620.  I digress, but I want to share what I enjoyed reading for those interested in reading more about Racial Justice Resources for Thanksgiving.


It sounds cliche to hear and read motivational quotes about living life to the fullest but the last two weeks I’ve been incredibly thankful to be alive and healthy.  My parents were in a 3 car accident on the freeway the week before Thanksgiving, so the last two weeks all of our live’s have been put in thoughtful perspective.  My parents, and everyone involved are ok but as the saying goes, they saw their live’s flash before their eyes.   I have supported their healing with essential oils for bruising, soreness and emotional support and we thank Diosito that they are not more seriously injured.   It’s experiences like this that remind you all of the things you worry about day to day are minuscule in the grand scheme of things.  Existential crisis anyone?

Be in love with your life.  Every minute of it. —Jack Kerouac


The holidays are a huge hustle and bustle to shop ’til you drop before you can really stop and smell the tamales.   So what I ask is that you stop and smell the tamales now,  and slow down, whatever that looks like for you.   

Olive decided to be so serious for this shoot!

Last night I got the email I anticipate at the start of every month, from dōTERRA.  They announce the new promotion for the month and other news.   With all of the great promotions going on this month, they also had a blog post with a call to action: 31 days of Giving and Mindfulness.   It speaks to exactly what I want to do this holiday season… slow down, be mindful, give back and reflect.  The best part?  They included a printable bullet journal.  Because it’s dōTERRA one of the components is using essential oils aromatically to enhance your reflection.   I plan to post about my experience throughout the month on Instagram and likely a blog post at the end of it all— I’m so excited for this and this is just one example of why I love this company!


Short and sweet today, just some thoughts I wanted to share.  I am also in love with the beautiful photos by Mariana Reed.  I love her style and she’s local, you can find her on Facebook and Instagram.   I got our holiday cards and they are ready to mail out!  I’ve sent out holiday cards for years, even before John and I were married, I just love snail mail.  Normally I order cards from Shutterfly… but this year I went more budget and got them via Walgreens.  They aren’t the best quality, but if you’re on a tight budget and still want to mail cards, it’s a great option.  They were ready same day and 60% off!  I got 40 cards for $25… thats a deal!

If you want to do a card swap, contact me!  Either via the contact page or on Instagram’s direct message feature and we can exchange addresses.

Will you join me in 31 Days of Giving and Mindfulness?

Share some love in the comments.


— Karissa

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