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The Road to Chingona Clinics

The last month for me has been particularly inspiring.  To people that know me, the direction I am headed is no surprise.  I love throwing parties and hosting purposeful gatherings.  My last blog was called “Do It Together & Often” because its mission was to plan gatherings to inspire others to do the same.

IMG_5910.pngThe spirit of Do It Together and Often will live on as Chingona Clinics.  My mission for Chingona Clinics is to have regular workshops and classes on various topics as well as social events like the Galentine’s Day party.

I feel indebted to the universe for making my dreams so much clearer these last few months.   My motto for the year is new year, más chingona, and I am taking it seriously.   Eventually the new year thing will get old, so it will evolve into new week, más chingona, new day, más chingona, new hour, más chingona… you get the idea.   My point is it’s never too late to reinvent yourself or to evolve or start that project or just do the damn thing, this mantra is my reminder.  I have so many inspiring woman to thank for my evolution to this point.  Here’s a quick synopsis of how I got here.


It all started with the founders of Dear Handmade Life.  I would go to their modern makers show: Patchwork and see other makers open shops and see their hustle and build their business, I was inspired but I didn’t yet have my own idea to pursue.  I finally attended their business and makers conference: Craftcation in 2016 (I was also 3 months pregnant) in the hopes of honing in on my business ideas that have lingered in my mind for years.  It was at the 2016 Craftcation that I discovered The Academy of Handmade.  I joined their network and their seasonal mentorship program last spring.  The mentorship program paired me with an amazing woman that was also starting an events production business.  Last summer she started Orange County’s newest handmade market, Lemon Grove Market featuring dozens of vendors in Irvine and starting in February 2018, the OC Marketplace will also be a Lemon Grove Market space!


My evolution continued… I won a ticket to the 2017 Craftcation conference, so Olive, John and I returned as a family!  I made more connections and I started Olive la Vida literally the month of Craftcation last year, in April.  I committed to blogging at my pace and sharing my life on Instagram. All the while building my essential oils business under the guidance of my oil leaders on the Obsessed with Essentials team.


I truly believe Olive was sent here to put into fruition all of this: Olive la Vida, Aceite Mamá and now Chingona Clinics.   I want to thank the universe for it’s guidance.

I am so thankful to the women that helped me meet my inner chingona entrepreneur: Delilah and Nicole of Dear Handmade Life, Lisa of Lemon Grove Market,  Sharon of The Academy of Handmade, and Beth and Melody of my oils team Obsessed with Essentials— I thank you so much.


I announced just a few days ago about the Galentine’s Day party to celebrate womanhood and friendship.  Celebrating Galentine’s Day (Valentine’s Day for the gals) has been my thing since watching the episode on Parks and Rec.  Later this week I will share photos from my past Galentine’s day gatherings as I anticipate this year’s big party in just a few weeks.

GlobalGLOW_logo.pngIt is going to be such a fun event with a cause.   While the event is social, I am excited to announce our giving partner with a mission near and dear to my heart.  All proceeds from the event’s raffle will be donated to Global G.L.O.W.  It was important to me to find an organization based in Santa Ana and not only are Global G.L.O.W.’s worldwide headquarters in Santa Ana, but their programs extend nationally and globally to “empower girls to become a potent force for change in the world.”

“…girls and young women mentors come together at the G.L.O.W. House to engage in programming where they create, learn and grow together.  The G.L.O.W. House and its California satellite sites serve girls in grades 5-12 through daily after school programming which includes research-based mentoring, literacy and art activities that are designed to support a girl’s creative innovation, self-expression and social-emotional development.

In addition to G.L.O.W. programming in California, Global G.L.O.W. operates throughout the U.S. and in 26 countries in Africa, Asia, Caribbean and Central/South America in collaboration with our New York based non-profit partner, LitWorld, through our joint initiative, The HerStory Campaign.”

Global G.L.O.W. Mission Statement 

Tickets are on sale now and until Tuesday, January 9 at midnight Monday, January 8 at 12pm tickets are $10 off with code maschingona. *Promo Code extended!

Follow Chingona Clinics on Instagram for Galentine’s day updates. 

If you are reading this, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support.



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