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In pretty much any job I’ve had, I was Leslie Knope: super organized, obsessed with sticky notes, motivating the team and planning team building activities.   So when it comes to my love of Galentine’s Day, it makes perfect sense.

It started as fiction. In a 2010 episode of Parks and Recreation, Leslie, creative and crafty and bursting with kindness for the people she loves, invented a way to do something American culture hadn’t traditionally been too good at doing: celebrating, in an official capacity, the joys of female friendship. Leslie set Galentine’s Day as a festival that would fall, each year, on February 13: Valentine’s Day-eve. And she decided that the festivities—though the real point of it all is simply to celebrate the platonic love that exists among ladyfriends—should take the form of the thing that has brought women together for decades: a long and boozy brunch.  Megan Garber The Atlantic  

I mentioned my last blog, Do It Together & Often (DIT&O) in a previous post and I’ll likely continue to reference it quite often (ha).  I looked back at it to see my Galentine’s posts there.  To be honest I always thought that blog was lackluster, but looking back at it I am quite proud of it.  Pinterest brought it thousands of daily page views!


My first time organizing a ladies only party for Valentine’s day was in 2012!  This year will be year 7 for celebrating friendship for Valentine’s day.   The article quoted above really put into words how I felt about the fictional, but now tradition of mine so give it a quick read.

In 2012, the party was Valentine’s Day themed and it was for ladies to craft together and hang.  I called it a DIT&O Party and had planned to have frequent “DIT&O parties” with varying themes.

We had different crafts, beer, champagne, a “Selfie” Booth and good company.   It was hosted in my parents backyard (where I live presently too).   2012 was the year I moved to Los Angeles so in 2013 I hosted a Galentine’s Day tea party in my East Hollywood studio.  Keep scrolling for photos.




Photo Jan 28, 12 55 57 PM.jpg

In 2013 John and I lived in a tiny, but perfect for us, studio in East Hollywood.  I hosted a tea party Galentine’s Day and it was so cute.  I couldn’t find the digital files, on my external hard drives, so I’ll add photos when I locate them.  But here are a couple.   We had tea, I made some succulent arrangements to sell and I had a small candy set up.


My mom is in the middle and friend Aubree on the right has been to EVERY Galentine’s party!

The next year is the year I got married.  I didn’t have a big Valentine’s Day party in 2014, but I did send snail mail.  It was the year I turned 25 (in March) and I planned a big Peter Pan Neverland party for myself.   Sounds amazing right?! That party was so much fun… but moving on.   Galentine’s Day for 2015 was spent in Rosarito, eating amazing fish tacos and riding horses on the beach.  It was a girls only trip and the first time I drove into Mexico as an adult!  I had only ever gone with my parents and we would go frequently, at least once a month!

The next year I was pregnant but did organize a party at home.  I had just found out I was pregnant and no one knew other than John.  My sister in law was the only family that attended this Galentine’s day crafter noon and John and I broke the news to her.  She cried her eyes out without making it obvious to everyone there!  I also told a few of my other girlfriends the news… even before my parents and in-laws!


These amigas found out I was pregnant before my mom!  I love them and value their support so so much.




2017: Year of the (little) Woman

Last year I celebrated a mommy and me version of Galentine’s day.  Olive     was 4 months young and so many of my friends have little girls.  You can see a clear evolution of how my style and photography evolved!

Our dining room was still red, so it was a cute backdrop!










Here are all of the little ladies that attended. 

If you made it this far, thank you!  I am so excited for Galentine’s Day this year because it’s going to include so many more ladies coming together and celebrating.

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