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I’m a Doula

Photos from February training.

In February 2018 I took a doula training taught by Sumi’s Touch. Sumi was clear when encouraging us 12 or so women there to declare ourselves doulas. I thought to myself, ‘what’s the next step’ and she was clear, “you’re a doula, tell your friends, your family, everyone that you are”. I appreciated her encouragement but doubted my newborn doula self to get out there.

Allow me to back track… earlier this year I began a phase of metamorphosis. It started when in January I planned my first major event, Galentine’s Day and sold over 90 tickets to it! I did the doula training mentioned, I went to the We All Grow Summit for my first time and finally I became the Let There Be Luz Intern, all before April! All the while also developing and growing my essential oil business, Aceite Mama and photography business. I say all of this only to explain why my attention was diverted away from growing my business as a doula. It’s an entirely different conversation to address the question (cue the movie voice) “how does she do it all?” (Spoiler alert: I don’t.)

2018 has been a transformational year for me and my purpose has become clearer and clearer.

Olive la Vida began as a place for me to share ‘Olive’ my life— all of my life as a lifestyle blog. What I am excited to announce is that it has become is a place to house my photography and doula business. Photographing precious moments and memories and supporting expecting families to be informed in their birthing options and having their ideal birthing experience sounds like all of la vida to me.

The last few weeks I’ve made adjustments to this website. You here, reading this, I have to thank you for your patience and understanding as I make this transition.

Everything happens in it’s right time, and this is no exception.

Over the weekend I attended a placenta encapsulation training taught by Dani of Ma Mi Amor. When she promoted her class I knew I had to be there and it was so refreshing to be in a room with other birthworkers. Dani is so knowledgeable and so generous with sharing it. Thanks to her— I am now ready to offer placenta encapsulation for mothers. Having the skill to provide this medicine to more mothers and educate on the topic brings me to tears of happiness.

Thank you for reading and following along as I establish my businesses. I am open to placenta encapsulation inquiries for October births and on and doula clients for November births and on. More details will be published soon.

My final thought is invest in you. Take classes and trainings in things that interest you.

Much love to you,


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