Woven Porch Bench

I love sitting on a rocking chair on the front porch of our house, especially at dusk. Our porch furniture has always been a bit random. About a year ago we were given this glider from our neighbor, there was nothing wrong with it, she was just restyling her back patio. We had it for months before we considered ridding of it ourselves in one of our recent Goodwill purges. But I remembered projects I had seen on Pinterest where they weaved on an old beach chair frame. I decided to tackle the project on the frame of this glider. I could have sworn I took a before photo, but regardless I’ll just say it was nothing special. I had a gray, weathered nylon material with no pattern or print.

I recently had an epiphany… I came to realize that arts and crafts and creating has been a great way to cope with my anxiety. I recently began taking a hold of my mental health care and so much growth is coming from it. I learned more about myself in the last few weeks! I also realized that ever since Olive was born I haven’t prioritized projects or creating and it took a toll on my mental health. I believe everyone needs a hobby, or hobbies like on my case. It is so fulfilling to do something for they joy and pleasure.

Back to the project.

All you need is macrame cord, I used a 6mm cord I found a Hobby Lobby and needed 2 skeins of each color (the light color was called Pearl). You can find the cord I used here. And you need two large crochet hooks. The hardest part for me was conceptualizing the pattern, that’s why I kept it simple! I used blue painters tape to try and plan out the pattern but it didn’t stick very well. I followed these tutorials found from Pinterest: Deuce Cities Hen House, DIY Projects and My French Twist.

It took me a month to complete and not because it’s difficult but because I would only do a few rows at a time before I was called to do something else. If you’ve never done a project like this, have patience.

I’d love you to share in the comments if this resonates with you… do you find yourself feeling less like yourself when you don’t spend time doing something you love? I didn’t realize crafting was part of my self care but it truly is.

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