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My journey into natural personal care began a few years ago when I began to really question the ingredients in the products I used everyday. I slowly began to learn about the ingredients not good for me and over the course of a year or so I started transitioning to cleaner products. But then I learned about green washing, it’s the practice that companies use to trick us into thinking their product is safe, clean and free of all the harmful chemicals, when in fact— that’s not the case. You’ve likely seen this or even purchased an item thinking it was better for you because the packaging looks “greener”; there’s a leaf on the label or it has bamboo accents, literally all marketing tricks they’ve figured out.

I became more vigilant, particularly with fragrance. Products are listed as organic, natural and that cost twice as much as the conventional version still sometimes have fragrance.

In a very concise rant, I will say that synthetic fragrance is in no way something that you want to put on yourself or in your home. Fragrance is considered a companies proprietary information so they actually don’t have to tell you what ingredients make up their fragrant blend. Our country actually has really lax rules when it comes to cosmetic and personal care in general; only banning 11 chemicals from products when the European Union has banned 1,300. I urge you to research and read up on this. Maybe start here.  And also check out the Banned List on The Bloomi

Why do I mention all of this? Because The Bloomi is taking it upon themselves to make and sell really clean products we can trust. Just yesterday I was going to order laundry detergent on Amazon, the one I had landed on had rave reviews, a gorgeous label and I was ready to buy it. But then I looked at ingredients, the label said 95% plant derived but what’s in the other 5%… fragrance (parfum). I didn’t get the detergent and one reviewer actually commented that she got it because of the reviews and because it says natural but the Environmental Working Group graded it a D! You have so many choices to make when it comes to which items you use for cleaning and personal care, and it is more important than ever to spend your money where it matters most to you and not what is most convenient or cheapest, because you are worth it and your health deserves it.

This all leads me to Bloomi. The Bloomi is the first marketplace to focus on clean intimate care products. The Bloomi founded by Rebecca Alvarez Story, and not only is she a Sexuality Expert (she created the Women’s Health & Sexuality major at UC Berkeley) she is a Latina and a mother of 2. This matters to me because it means so much more to me to support a WOC owned business.

The Bloomi offers a variety of personal care items divided into four simple sections: Hygiene, Periods, Sex, and Motherhood. I discovered The Bloomi at the We All Grow Latina Summit Wellness Day. What stood out to me at their booth was the necklace that Rebecca wore was also a vibrator and of course her wisdom as she spoke on stage. I so appreciate that she is speaking about topics so taboo, especially for Latinas… masturbation… sex…..

I recently saw a meme that was funny but true… it basically said there is a fine line between “no boyfriends ever” to “when are you having babies” when you become an adult. Latinas that are single know how persistently questioning family members can be with their “y el novio”s.The Bloomi has also been featured in numerous online publications from Forbes, Refinery 29, mitú, and Bustle.


I am so honored that Bloomi trusted me to share about their marketplace. It so aligns with what I’m all about. Being a birth worker means working with so many women transitioning into motherhood where sex lives, intimate care and self care take a drastic transformation which is why it’s so important for me to understand and have a good relationship with my own personal care.

I received my first Bloomi box with a personal lubricant, yoni egg and a book. The book is The Ultimate Guide to Sex Through Pregnancy and Motherhood and I can’t wait to get into the depths of it. As a doula I recommend sex and masturbation as natural ways to induce labor and often times I get a weird face from clients. I will often say, the same way you got this baby is the same way you will get them out.

Researchers think there’s three ways that sex could possibly affect natural labor induction. The prostaglandins in the semen, orgasm that stimulates uterus activity, and the increase in natural oxytocin from sexual activity. (Evidence Based Birth)

I hope that you are inspired to go through your medicine cabinet and bathroom cabinets and clear the products that are not serving you. Your most intimate care products should be the best for your body! The Bloomi is a one stop shop for all of your intimate care needs (there are even the best toys on there, which in eyeing for my next delivery). And guess what, here’s 10% off of your order with Karissa10.

Be the CEO of your body because the job belongs to no one else.

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