Photos by Chelsea Maras

Photos by Portraits to the People 

Mother, Photographer,  Friend, Comadre, Healer, Wife, Daughter, Chingona

Becoming a mother was a catalyst into self discovery for me.  Since having Olive  , I have become a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, trained as a Doula, and soon will begin training to be certified as a sound healer.  Pregnancy and birthing brought me closer to my intuition and now I feel I am truly living in my power of just trusting my gut feeling, that I now call— intuition.   Happiness comes from within, and having these tools will help me to help others discover their power.

Additionally I am the acting Operations Manager for the Let There Be Luz podcast, where I oversee brand development and event production that focus on intimate experiences for podcast listeners.

Olive la Vida

A play on my daughter’s name, Olive, the name of this blog— Olive la Vida, speaks to my intention to live “all of the life”.  Or, as interpreted by a friend when I shared the name “I love the life”, both are equally fitting.   I love to keep my hands busy making, inventing, gardening, changing diapers (not really)… and I’ve always loved to share.    I’m a new mom to Olive and married to my high school sweetheart.  We currently live in a multigenerational home, which is a fancy way of saying I live in the home I grew up in, with my parents.  I honestly would not have it any other way, it is perfect for us right now.   A born and raised Santanera, I began this lifestyle blog as an outlet to share all about life as a new mom and living in Downtown Orange County, Santa Ana, California.  I have been a long time supporter of the shop small-local-handmade movement.

2018 brings two new projects: Aceite Mama and Chingona Clinics.   As a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate, I want to have a place to share my experience with using essential oils and other plant medicine in my everyday life.  I am so excited for the beginning of Chingona Clinics.  The intention is for Chingona Clinics to focus on education and empowerment for the modern chingona as well as social events.

Photography has always been a long standing love of mine.   I inherited it from my mom. My mom loved taking photos of me and her friends and I grew up watching her.  Of course in adolescence it was something I resented because I would whine that my mom took too many photos because she always wanted my brother and I to pose.  Teenager me… sigh… But now I’m an adult and I appreciate having so many photos of my childhood.

Until recently I wouldn’t call myself a photographer.  Slowly I began taking ownership of my talent, first calling myself a hobbyist until fully proclaiming, I am a photographer.  So here we are!