How do you define yourself?

A few days ago I cut my hair shorter than I think most women would ever  consider cutting their hair.  I have done this often in my life, I am not afraid of having short hair.   But the reason I write this today is because it got me thinking about how much we let things define us.  I have heard throughout my life “I would never cut that short”, “how could you”, “I don’t think women look good with short hair”, etc. etc. etc.   This time I cut my hair because frankly I was tired of having it up in a bun for days and undoing it to find so much hair broken.  I have thinning and fine hair so losing any is a big deal.  Now with short hair, I can take better care of it continuing my scalp oil treatments and hair masks.

I journaled, with the question in mind, who am I?   I don’t let my hair define me but what other things might I be allowing to define me?  My glasses… for instance.  So I wrote a list of questions to guide me in my explorations of defining who I am.   In this train of thought that led to this post I also got thinking about how 2018 taught me so much about myself.  I am so much wiser on my own rhythms and flow and so much strength comes from knowing it.  If we just lived in a place of knowing ourselves more, we wouldn’t be in a state of resistance that sometimes leads to stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, etc.   This year I also came to really appreciate “adulting” because “adulting” truly is just having a better  sense of self.  “I’m going to pack my lunch and get to bed early because I know myself and don’t want to rush in the morning”  “I’m going to pack the diaper bag today so that tomorrow I’m not frustrated trying to get out of the door”  So many times when we are “adulting” we are just being better informed of ourselves and all too often “adulting” is seen as a bad thing.

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I can’t believe this!!

This was completely a manifestation of mine.  When @alegriamagazine announced they were going to have this festival in one of my favorite places (Palm Springs) I knew I wanted to be there.  But expenses are tight and it didn’t seem possible.  But I held on to the idea that I would be there.  I turned on post notifications to stay up to date and lo and  behold…. I was invited to speak about essential oils.

New Year, Más Chingona Pt. 2

If you want to try this roller out… apply to be a rep!

Wow this month feels like it’s been so long (in a good way) because I’ve accomplished so much.   Let me just say this isn’t a one woman show.  I have a lot of support from my husband and mom (Olive’s abuela) to be able to dedicate so much time to planning and organizing for the blog and new ventures.  I also have a couple of friends that are really helping me with Galentine’s Day planning.

I wanted to detail all the happenings for Olive la Vida, Aceite Mama and Chingona Clinics.  While they are all technically me, they all have different objectives and goals.

Essential Oil Basics Online Class

This will be my first time hosting an online class for oil basics.  I first did a live class online when I released my Essentials for Baby ebook.  I learned a lot and hopefully won’t make the same mistakes this time around.  If you want to learn the basics ie: how to use oils, what are oils, why dōTERRA oils and how to get them— then join my online class!  See details below and click to register.  You will be emailed a link to join the online class after you register.

#winter10x10 Challenge

You guys, I’m a wannabe minimalist.  In the last two years I have purged SO MUCH and yet I still have a long way to go to being a minimalist.  My intention is to live with less and produce less waste.   I saw the #winter10x10 challenge on Alli Cherry’s instagram and she is such an inspiration when it comes to intentional living.   The idea is to select 10 pieces of clothing, shoes included (accessories don’t count) to wear for 10 days.  It makes picking an outfit reaaaaally easy.   If you’ve never done a challenge like this, or a capsule wardrobe, I definitely recommend it.  Having less options to sift through each morning definitely puts into perspective why we (culturally) own so much.

Side Story

I used to work at Crossroads Trading Company… while there I learned all about pricing clothes we would buy for the store.  Fast fashion brands would obviously be priced the least, or not bought at all because they retail for so little.  I also learned so much about fashion, hot brands and dressed like a fashion blogger every day I worked, because well, it was on brand for the store.  I made more intentional purchases and wanted to stop buying “fast fashion”.   I wanted to buy better quality pieces at a better than retail price at Crossroads.

I need to get back to buying clothes intentionally and selling/trading clothes when I can.

Galentine’s Day Party

Wow!  18 Days and counting to the big party.  I can’t wait to dance and create and drink mimosas with you all.   Tickets are selling so fast and every time one sells, my phone dings (I get an email) and I literally do a happy dance.   So get your ticket before they sell out, you seriously won’t want to miss this!

1k Giveaway

I’m so excited to have hit 1,000 instagram followers.   It’s just fun to celebrate because I started the blog in April 2017 and hitting this milestone feels like a new beginning.  If that makes any sense.  Honestly I just love any reason to celebrate!  So I’ve partnered with some chingonas to give one lucky winner some amazing goodies from some chingona makers.  (not sure what chingona means?  Head to New Year, Más Chingona pt. 1).  Head to the photo below on my Instagram feed to enter the giveaway!

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Time for a giveaway!! Photo is from my bachelorette weekend (‘14) but my face is how I’m feeling right now!! I’ve partnered with a few other boss babes into bring you a giveaway to celebrate hitting 1k insta friends & to thank you for following along mi vida loca. This is the year to turn my instagram-fan-girling into real friendships! Wait until you see the winnings 😱 basically all the necessities to be your chingona-boss-babe self! 💖 To enter follow me & all giveaway sponsors AND tag a friend below with your fav emoji. 👇🏽 @iamkarlavianey @crystal_domi @yeseniawittman @chingonaclinics @aceitemama For ADDITIONAL entries tag a different friend in a new comment, each comment = one entry! 💖 Swipe to see all the lovely giveaway items… a custom stamped My Intent bracelet @iamkarlavianey, a digital daily planner kit @crystal_domi, a MexiSocket @yeseniawittman, a ticket to @chingonaclinics Galentine’s day, and Chingona essential oil roller from @aceitemama. Giveaway ends on SUNDAY, Jan 28 at midnight PST! 💖 *Giveaway is not sponsored or administered by Instagram.* Galentine’s day Ticket is non-transferable (event is in Orange County, transportation not included).

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Now I’m off to continue the planning of Galentine’s Day!