Visions of 2018

I don’t remember the first vision board I made. I know that I didn’t use it to it’s full potential. The idea is to have your vision board in a place you see often. The more you see the images of things you want, the more they are present in your conscious and subconscious and *boom* manifested. Remember when The Secret was trending? I feel like vision boards are the update from that.

Side story: My mom first introduced me to manifestation. She watches a lot of gurus on YouTube. Every time she goes to the thrift stores she finds exactly what she was looking for. Never a coincidence, she would say, because she manifested it. I would joke and tell her to manifest me a baby monitor.

Last year I was invited to a vision board party and I was so excited because normally I’m the one hosting those kind of things. I went with a stack of magazines and made a vision board with half a dozen other people. I really focused on making a vision board I believed in. I loved what I made but still most of 2017 I didn’t have it somewhere I could see everyday. That is until I finally declared (in my head) that I needed to put it somewhere in our bedroom. It has lived next to my bed for months now. I see it every morning, every night, every time I’m in my room. It has 4 quadrants and a center. The quadrants are for: home, travel, body and business. The center speaks to me so much because one, it’s in a gold frame, and two, “among the giants” is something I need to remind myself when the imposter syndrome sets in. When I see other mommas or oil advocates or whatever it is doing it, finding success, making sh*t happen, something inside screams “you don’t belong, they’re already doing it, stop where you are“. But no longer am I giving that voice any space in my mind. I belong and there is plenty of room for me.

Here we are in 2018 and I’m making ideas move (in Cardi B voice). Vision boards don’t have an expiration date. I imagine this vision board is 3-5 years in the making, and I’ve got one year down. I thought about sharing my vision board last year but I didn’t because exposing yourself is scary. When you have big ideas people get critical. Imposter syndrome is real. But I’m not letting it stop me anymore. I’m saying goodbye to that fear. If you’re reading this also see: New Year, más chingona if you haven’t already.

The irony of Olive carrying my vision board is too real. Haha. With little ones, our life is no long our own, right mommas? If Olive is having a bad day, more often than not, I’m not getting anything done. But I’m here to say it is possible (with support from your friends and family, o sea your village) to start big things with a toddler. It’s not easy, but it pushes you so much more to find success.  As I was snapping pictures of Olive and the vision board, she dropped it and then walked over it to play in the yard. 😆

Here is to big, big things this year.

Olive Blues: My Postpartum Experience

I’ve been meaning to share this post for quite some time.  Maybe I kept avoiding writing it because I didn’t want to think about the fourth trimester, or, first three months after having Olive— they were rough.   Having a baby is a beautiful experience, the magic in our biology never ceases to amaze me.  But that aside, I didn’t feel like anyone adequately depicted what postpartum would be like.  People assume you are the happiest person in the world because you have this bundle of joy, when in reality you’re kind of miserable all of the time running on no more than 2 consecutive hours of sleep.   I needed someone to tell me that it was ok to feel the way I was feeling.  I also wanted to tell someone “I hate this” without being judged.

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Be My Galentine

In pretty much any job I’ve had, I was Leslie Knope: super organized, obsessed with sticky notes, motivating the team and planning team building activities.   So when it comes to my love of Galentine’s Day, it makes perfect sense.

It started as fiction. In a 2010 episode of Parks and Recreation, Leslie, creative and crafty and bursting with kindness for the people she loves, invented a way to do something American culture hadn’t traditionally been too good at doing: celebrating, in an official capacity, the joys of female friendship. Leslie set Galentine’s Day as a festival that would fall, each year, on February 13: Valentine’s Day-eve. And she decided that the festivities—though the real point of it all is simply to celebrate the platonic love that exists among ladyfriends—should take the form of the thing that has brought women together for decades: a long and boozy brunch.  Megan Garber The Atlantic  

I mentioned my last blog, Do It Together & Often (DIT&O) in a previous post and I’ll likely continue to reference it quite often (ha).  I looked back at it to see my Galentine’s posts there.  To be honest I always thought that blog was lackluster, but looking back at it I am quite proud of it.  Pinterest brought it thousands of daily page views!

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The Road to Chingona Clinics

The last month for me has been particularly inspiring.  To people that know me, the direction I am headed is no surprise.  I love throwing parties and hosting purposeful gatherings.  My last blog was called “Do It Together & Often” because its mission was to plan gatherings to inspire others to do the same.

IMG_5910.pngThe spirit of Do It Together and Often will live on as Chingona Clinics.  My mission for Chingona Clinics is to have regular workshops and classes on various topics as well as social events like the Galentine’s Day party.

I feel indebted to the universe for making my dreams so much clearer these last few months.   My motto for the year is new year, más chingona, and I am taking it seriously.   Eventually the new year thing will get old, so it will evolve into new week, más chingona, new day, más chingona, new hour, más chingona… you get the idea.   My point is it’s never too late to reinvent yourself or to evolve or start that project or just do the damn thing, this mantra is my reminder.  I have so many inspiring woman to thank for my evolution to this point.  Here’s a quick synopsis of how I got here.

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New Year, Más Chingona

What. A. Year.

I started this blog as an outlet to share my unique voice. What makes me unique is I am me. Before starting this blog I had officially retired a blog that I had very poorly maintained since 2011. I imagine where I could be as a blogger, maker and created had I really committed to that blog, but that’s in the past and this post isn’t about that. Here I am now, living Olive la vida (all of the life) and sharing it with you.

The new year is upon us and I for one, love the shift in positive energy. Though, in pretty much every way it’s just another day, our bills are still due, our laundry has to be done, dishes washed etc. — in its own magical way, it’s a fresh start.  It’s like the start of a new semester in school, anything is possible- you’re energized and totally going to do all the reading assigned.

Since my last post where I mentioned that I would be starting a separate, but related business and Instagram, I launched the instagram @aceitemama and hosted a giveaway!

I am launching a new year campaign… new year, más chingona.

Si por pendeja me caigo, por chingona me levanto.  —Jenni Rivera

A lot of words in Spanish don’t have an English word equivalent.  Chingona (chingón- masculine) is what you would call a woman in charge, badass, a grown woman who can do anything she wants, a boss.  I love this definition by SussexMemphis on Urban Dictionary:  “To aspire. A maker of her own camino, this is her path and she is going to follow it, regardless of what culture says.”

My goal for 2018 is not only to share but to empower and educate.  Our health is our wealth and with the use of natural remedios we can support our own health and wellness.

If you want to help me in empowering and educating, apply here to join my campaign.  You will receive a chingona roller for free!  The blend is uplifting and energizing, just what we need to start 2018.  I will be unveiling what is in the blend in a future post.

I want to know your new year traditions.  Do you make resolutions?  Set goals?  Make a vision board?   Share on instagram with #newyearmaschingona.  Do me a huge favor and follow @aceitemama!

Cheers to 2018! Out with the new year, new me. I’m the same me, just better– más chingona.



Flavoring Kombucha with Essential Oils


A few years ago I brewed kombucha regularly.    In the moving process 2 years ago, I gifted my scoby (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) to a friend and only until recently began brewing again.

(Just a note on the scoby…. read more in the article I linked below. It looks like a slimy pancake and it’s what ferments the tea. Every batch you brew a new scoby is made so your initial scoby is the mother. If friends want to try to brew themselves, you can simply peel one of the baby scobys off the mother, jar it with some of the tea and give it to them to brew their own kombucha. You can find a starter scoby online.)

Ive been buying a bottle in stores here and again but the $4 drink and endless glass bottles didn’t seem sustainable on my budget and on the earth.

If you don’t know what kombucha is, here are the basics.  This isn’t a detailed post on how to brew, but you can find a good one here.

I had read somewhere that you could flavor kombucha with essential oils and I was so intrigued.  Kombucha that is flavored after the initial brewing is flavored simply by adding fruit pieces, juice, or herbs directly into the bottle.   This isn’t difficult, you just have to have everything on hand (frozen fruit works well too).   Now that I live that crazy, mom at home life, adding a drop or two of essential oils to the bottles after brewing sounded sooooooo easy.

So a few weeks ago I did just that: my kombucha had sat for 21 days, I bottled it in recycled glass bottles and then flavored away.  To keep track of the bottles, I used washi tape to label them.   There’s a store-bought bottle of kombucha I buy and love, it’s lavender + melon flavored.  In one bottle I put 2 drops of lavender and it was the first bottle I drank, or rather, attempted to drink.   Essential oils are highly concentrated, so when I sipped on this bottle it tasted like I was drinking perfume, no bueno, and it made me afraid to try the rest of the bottles I had in the fridge. When I got the courage a few days later, I tasted another bottle and it was tasty!  Today I cracked open On Guard + Lemon and it was really good!

I definitely recommend trying this if you brew your own kombucha!

Here are some flavor combos I loved and will experiment more in future batches:

Flavor your home brewed komucha with essential oils (only  1-2 drops needed)

On Guard + Lemon

7up: Lemon + Lime



Wild Orange + Ginger

Zendocrine (detoxifying blend)

Tangerine + Ginger

Grapefruit + Lime

You can mix and match these oils to find your favorite.  Try lavender at your own risk! haha

You might be reading this and wondering a few things…. I’ve imagined some of those questions and answered them below….

  • Is brewing komucha hard?  It’s actually really easy.  You add 3 things in a large wide mouth jar: sugar, brewed black/green tea and a scoby (bacteria that ferments).  Once you place it all in the jar, it needs to sit undisturbed for 7-21 days (this explanation is very basic and if you are really considering brewing, learn more with the links I added above).  I’m happy to put the work into brewing and bottling because it costs very little to made a huge jar, yielding 10 bottles of kombucha vs. paying $4-6 dollars a bottle!
  • You can drink essential oils?!?!?  YES, but quality, pure oils, like the ones pictured.  If you’d like to learn more, contact me!  I always encourage you do your own research too, to decide if internal use is right for you.
  • But oil and water don’t mix…?!  This is true, basic science, but the oils are concentrated, so you get the taste of the oil in every sip of the drink.  Because kombucha is slightly carbonated, I would recommend shaking the bottle, but a couple inversions of the bottle help to blend the bottle before drinking.
  • Does it taste oily? No! When I first started putting oils in my water, I thought the water would taste weird, or the flavor of the oil (grapefruit is my go-to) would taste like the rind of the fruit.   This was not the case at all!  It tasted like an actual grapefruit.

I also wanted to share an update…. as I continue to share about essential oils and my business is growing… I decided to start an Instagram for my oil business– Aceite Mamá (oil Mom). I will also be opening a small online shop!!! More details definitely to come. The Instagram will go live soon, the new shop will open after the new year.

Stay tuned!

Pensamientos & Holiday Photos

DSC_40488.jpgAs a nation, we celebrated being thankful last week.  While all our woke friends posted about Thanksgiving being a trash holiday, (the way most of America celebrates it) Thanksgiving did exist in some form pre-pilgrims in 1620.  I digress, but I want to share what I enjoyed reading for those interested in reading more about Racial Justice Resources for Thanksgiving.


It sounds cliche to hear and read motivational quotes about living life to the fullest but the last two weeks I’ve been incredibly thankful to be alive and healthy.  My parents were in a 3 car accident on the freeway the week before Thanksgiving, so the last two weeks all of our live’s have been put in thoughtful perspective.  My parents, and everyone involved are ok but as the saying goes, they saw their live’s flash before their eyes.   I have supported their healing with essential oils for bruising, soreness and emotional support and we thank Diosito that they are not more seriously injured.   It’s experiences like this that remind you all of the things you worry about day to day are minuscule in the grand scheme of things.  Existential crisis anyone?

Be in love with your life.  Every minute of it. —Jack Kerouac


The holidays are a huge hustle and bustle to shop ’til you drop before you can really stop and smell the tamales.   So what I ask is that you stop and smell the tamales now,  and slow down, whatever that looks like for you.   


Olive decided to be so serious for this shoot!

Last night I got the email I anticipate at the start of every month, from dōTERRA.  They announce the new promotion for the month and other news.   With all of the great promotions going on this month, they also had a blog post with a call to action: 31 days of Giving and Mindfulness.   It speaks to exactly what I want to do this holiday season… slow down, be mindful, give back and reflect.  The best part?  They included a printable bullet journal.  Because it’s dōTERRA one of the components is using essential oils aromatically to enhance your reflection.   I plan to post about my experience throughout the month on Instagram and likely a blog post at the end of it all— I’m so excited for this and this is just one example of why I love this company!


Short and sweet today, just some thoughts I wanted to share.  I am also in love with the beautiful photos by Mariana Reed.  I love her style and she’s local, you can find her on Facebook and Instagram.   I got our holiday cards and they are ready to mail out!  I’ve sent out holiday cards for years, even before John and I were married, I just love snail mail.  Normally I order cards from Shutterfly… but this year I went more budget and got them via Walgreens.  They aren’t the best quality, but if you’re on a tight budget and still want to mail cards, it’s a great option.  They were ready same day and 60% off!  I got 40 cards for $25… thats a deal!

If you want to do a card swap, contact me!  Either via the contact page or on Instagram’s direct message feature and we can exchange addresses.

Will you join me in 31 Days of Giving and Mindfulness?

Share some love in the comments.


— Karissa